2015 Bridal Trend: The Two-Piece Dress

Two-Piece Dress

Want to know what wedding dress trend we’re loving this year? The two-piece dress! Banish the mid-nineties iteration of this trend from your minds, because the 2015 version of the two-piece dress is on a completely different level of chic. It has been brought up-to-date and has found a place in this year’s best bridal trends.

We love that this style speaks to brides with large and small budgets alike, and that, depending on the separates you choose, it can be an ultra-glam look or something very simple and down-to-earth. Basically, it’s the look of the everygirl—but it gives every girl the opportunity to personalize and make it into something that completely reflects her personal style and the overall feel of her wedding.

As you can see from the photos, above and below, there are so many ways to make this trend come to life. Keep reading for some of our favorites…

Two-Piece Dress 3There’s no reason a two-piece dress can’t be as glamorous and high-end as a traditional wedding dress. We love long, draping skirts in simple fabrics paired with a stunning, statement top. Whether intricate lace or all-over sequins, this type of pairing can make quite a splash. However, you could also let the skirt do the talking and keep the top simple and chic. Consider an ethereal tulle skirt that drapes down to the floor, paired with a high-end tee shirt, or a cashmere sweater à la Olivia Palermo. (And we love the idea of choosing a blue-ish hue for the skirt, like the top photo, for your Something Blue!) Pair that look with a statement necklace and you’ll be good to go! You could also go for a coordinating top and bottom. All-over lace is endlessly elegant, but going for a cropped top and an asymmetrical skirt gives it an unexpected, modern twist so it never feels stuffy.

We also love the utter simplicity that two-piece dresses can offer. They’re perfect for low-key events, for brides who want a special look but don’t feel comfortable in extravagant gowns, and for relaxed outdoor weddings. For brides who are more bohemian, consider pairing a drapey top with a simple skirt, in similar materials, so that it feels like a set. (We love the embroidered cloth detail in this set, and how the top’s detailing is matched in the waistband of the skirt!) The simple lines and details create a look that’s comfortable and casual, but still very elegant and bridal. A tea or knee-length skirt is another très chic way to pull off this trend. Pair it with something simple and refined, or go for an embellished top for something more glamorous—but either way, don’t forget a pair of statement shoes! This is also a great opportunity to go for a vintage-inspired look.

The two-piece bridal gown trend can find its place anywhere from a simple City Hall wedding, to laid back outdoor gatherings, ballroom fêtes, and everywhere in between. It’s a simple way to make a big statement while still finding a look that is entirely reflective of your style and aesthetic. We are in love with all of these looks. In the midst of trying on wedding gowns, it might be worth giving the two-piece a try, don’t you think? (And, if you’re looking for more two-piece wedding dress inspiration, check out these 36 glamorous looks!)

Would you or did you wear a two-piece dress for your wedding? Which style within this trend is your favorite? We’d love to hear what you think!


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