5 tips for stress free holiday entertaining

1. Make A Master List

At least a week before your party, make a list of everything you need to accomplish and every item you need to pick up at the grocery store. Cross these tasks off your list as you go so that you have everything you need two days before your party. Then you aren’t running out at the last second for ice, crackers, etc.

2. Set serving dishes, glassware and utensils out the day before

Clear off your serving spaces and place dishes, glasses and utensils in the exact places they will be displayed during your event. This way, you know it’s all clean and you have everything ready to go – you just need to add the food and drinks!

3. Plan the Menu

Go with what you know! Two weeks before the event, come up with a clear menu of which many items are easy to prepare/you have successfully prepared before. Plan for what you have and what you need. This was you won’t go overboard at the grocery store trying to wrack your brain for last minute ideas.

4. Choose a few special touches, but don’t go overboard

Order placecard cookies, or a few really beautiful floral groupings, drop in some fun stir sticks or custom cocktail napkins but be calculated in your choices and don’t over-do it creating more work for yourself. A few sweet touches here and there stand out make your guests feel special!

5. Get the party started!

Music is the elixir to any successful party. You want something enjoyable to listen to that puts your guests at ease [but not asleep!], that adds to the mood of the party [but doesn’t overpower] and a playlist that you don’t have to tend to throughout the night. Plug your phone into a dock or speakers and let French Cafe or Christmas radio on Pandora play all evening long. When you’ve got your music going, put on a smile and greet your guests at the door!

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