FriDIY: Zipped Pouch

Ahhh, the smell of school supplies in August. Target is bound to stock that folder your daughter is after (you know the one – emblazoned with the slightly outdated, still-innocent face of Justin Bieber). Even those fabulous PVC-covered Russell+Hazel notebooks are up for grabs. But, when it comes to pencil pouches, take matters into your own hands! Follow our steps to craft your own perfectly imperfect storage bag, complete with bold fabric of your choice.



Thick cotton fabric for exterior (upholstery weight is great)

Thin cotton fabric for lining

Small piece of ribbon or trim

7″ zipper


Sewing needle



Step 1:

Measure and cut one 7 x 7 1/4″ rectangle from each of the two fabrics.


Step 2:

Place lining fabric face up on your work surface.

Place zipper face up along the long edge of lining fabric, zipper pull on the right.

Layer exterior fabric face down on top of the zipper.

Stitch layers together.


Step 3:

Take opposite, unsewn edge of the exterior fabric and line it up with the other side of the zipper. Stitch down to create a loop.

Do the same with the lining fabric. Once the unsewn edge of the lining has been stitched to the zipper, you should have two loops of fabric – one in each print.


Step 4:

Pull down the zipper and arrange the loops so that they are one within the other. You want the lining fabric to be on the outside at this point.

Find the midway point on the pouch and center the zipper there. Pin down.

Fold your trim in half and slide into the pouch, loop side in.


Step 5:

Draw a straight line with pencil across each end of the pouch, taking care to stay inside the boundaries of the zipper. Stitch across on either side.


Step 6:

Clip any excess trim and zipper ends. Then, flip inside out.


VOILA!! Fill with goodies for yourself – or for your tiny genius!



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