Red Carpet Glitz + Glam

oscarsWe love finding fun reasons to throw a party with our friends. And the Academy Awards this Sunday happen to be a perfect excuse for just that! Who doesn’t love a night of some glitz and glamor, good food, interesting movies and tons of great fashion! And the best part? It doesn’t require weeks of planning! Just a few small touches here and there and you’ll have a fabulous party!

Aside from a bit of food prep, there really isn’t much you have to worry about. Adding touches of gold and red will certainly add to the air of Hollywood glamor, but there’s no reason to fret beyond that. In fact, here are five simple tips to make your evening glamorous, and oh-so-fun for you and your guests:

Dress Code :: Ask guests to come decked out in their finest duds! You may be staying in for the evening, but there’s no reason you need to schlep around in sweat pants! {Email out these quick, easy + ultra-glam invites from Paperless Post today!} Everyone will be in a more festive spirit if they come in their favorite gowns and suits—and it’s the perfect excuse to pull out that dress you only wore once in a wedding or a gala gown you never found the excuse to wear again. Don’t know what to wear? Check out the infographic here for some inspiration from leading ladies over the years!

Paparazzi :: Welcome guests with a red carpet of your own. Set up a simple photo backdrop, and have guests pose for pictures as they arrive. As they get settled, hand out ballots so everyone can vote on who they think will win! Encourage participation all evening by handing out bingo cards for guests to fill out as they watch.

Sparkly Sips :: Instead of mixing up custom cocktails for each guest, keep things simple with on signature drink. Our suggestion? Champagne {pink or classic}, dressed up edible gold glitter on the rim. So festive! Add a custom touch by dropping a few raspberries into each glass!

Movie-Night Munchies :: And speaking of gold glitter . . . may we suggest gold-sprinkled donuts as your main treat for the evening? {Simply cover glazed donuts with edible glitter. Voila!} With show-stoppers like these, you won’t need many other sweets to supplement. Though we love the idea of a tray of classic movie theater candy to supplement those sweets. {Think: Red Vines, Junior Mints, Raisinetes . . .} And what’s a movie night without popcorn? Though we like to class it up a bit with some rosemary, sea salt and parmesan—thanks for the idea, Glitter Guide! And serve them in individual paper bags so everyone can enjoy this delicious treat!

Awards :: The thing that will kick it up a notch, taking it from friends dressing up and watching TV to a real soiree? Prizes! Give out your own awards for best dressed, best hair, best duo, etc. to help guests really get in the spirit of the evening! We love, love, love this tutorial for tasseled balloon prizes! Awards for ballots and bingo are also strongly encouraged :)

And there you have it! From invites to awards, there are only a few simple steps you need to take in order to have a huge impact for a fun evening of glitz and glamor!


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