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1. Family First

Getting engaged is incredibly exciting. Social media is often right at your fingertips, and tempting too, but make sure you call Mom, Dad, Grandma and your Sister first. When you feel like you have basked in the happy news together and shared it with your loved ones, then share your happy news on social media but keep the ring shot for yourself. Photo via

wedding etiquette invitations and your registry

2. Invitations and Your Registry

Your invitations are about letting those people closest to you know how important it is to you that they are with you on your big day. It may seem old fashioned, but mentioning an expectation of a gift on your invite just shouldn’t be done. Include the information on your wedding website on on additional information included in your wedding suite. Photo via

wedding etiquette don't keep your guests waiting

3. Time between your Ceremony and Reception

While your wedding is the biggest day of your life, its simply another event in the life of your guests – and no one likes to be kept waiting. Instead of seeing each other for the first time when you walk down the aisle, plan a first look and get your pictures out of the way before the ceremony so that you can spend more time with your guests and limit the time in between. Photo via

wedding etiquette nix the cash bar

4. Nix the Cash Bar

Not all couples can afford to do this as it is generally a large expense, but there are many ways to budget this without breaking the bank. If your venue will allow you to bring your own liquor – stock up at your local wholesale big box store. You will save up to 15% on the bottles you open and retailer allowing, you can return what wasn’t used.

Offer a limited bar. There is nothing wrong with serving beer and wine. You can make this extra personal by choosing local brews your love or themed wine to go with your event.

Serve a signature cocktail [or two]. Craft a cocktail special to your event and choose liquors that aren’t top shelf or utilize less expensive mixer options. Photo via

wedding etiquette greet your guests

5. Greeting Your Guests

Receiving lines get long and are especially tiring when you have a big wedding. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a point of greeting every one of your guests. Make sure to have a few bites of your dinner and circulate around the room as time permits. Photo via


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